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Do you want to find the best running watches for your fitness schedule? Gadget Review offers running watch reviews for all types of wearables, from the simplest fitness bands to the most complex smart watches. Yes, you can use the latest apps on an Apple Watch to help track running, but do you really need to spend that much money if all you want is quality step and calorie tracking? Likewise, some fitness and GPS watches may be too heavy for you to comfortably use – the best running watches are lightweight and easy to wear, but also offer a full sweet of features.

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Common names in the market include Magellan and Garmin as well as Apple, Misfit, and Pebble. However, the more complex running watches tend to be most useful if you love to run on trails or find new, exciting routes through your town or city. If you spend most of your running time at the gym, then all you may need is a simpler running watch that tracks calories burned, steps taken, and other important information. However, don't underestimate a good sleep tracker ability, too! For more data on which watch to choose, Gadget Review is here to help!