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The world of robots is scary, fun, promising and growing all the time: At Gadget Review, we specialize in creating the best robot reviews and filling you in when it comes to the most exciting – and terrifying – developments. When it comes to consumer products, we’ll be sure to take time and fill you in with robot reviews from our experts and recommendations on what cool robots are actually worth buying, and what the best robots are for toys, tasks, distractions, and much more.

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Today, the world of robots is still very much in the early stages when it comes to ready-for-sale products. At Gadget Review, we'll let you know what is happening in the military and tech research industries and what it promises for the future of robotics – as well as the robots designed specifically for customers like you. Whether it’s a robot to help carry scrubs and medication throughout a hospital, or an RD-D2 droid that can bring you beer in your own home, Gadget Review is there to talk about how cool (or potentially scary) it was, and when it will actually be available to buy.