Refrigerator Reviews For 2019

Refrigerator ReviewsRefrigerators are one of those home appliances most people don’t think about much until they break down … or until the second shelf from the top starts freezing your beer if you place it on the left side. Obviously, an unforgivable sin.

Although a refrigerator is an appliance that still performs the same basic function it has for a few decades — keeping food cold — the number of features and options in today’s best refrigerators are impressive. You’ll want to read through our refrigerator reviews to ensure that you’re making the right choice for this important appliance.

What Are Refrigerators?

A refrigerator is a box-like kitchen appliance that uses a refrigerant solution to keep the temperature inside the box consistently just above freezing. The consistent, cold temperatures allow food to last longer. Most refrigerators also have a freezer compartment, where food is maintained at a temperature below freezing.

Refrigerators are available in a few different designs. Popular designs today include a French door design with a freezer drawer on the bottom and double doors on the refrigerator. Some French door designs include extra drawers or compartments.

A bottom freezer design has a freezer drawer on the bottom with a single refrigerator door on top. Or the freezer could be on top, accessible through a single hinged door, with the refrigerator compartment on the bottom. A side-by-side design has a freezer accessible through one large vertically aligned door on the left and the refrigerator on the right. Consider compact or miniature refrigerators for sale too.

What Price Should You Expect To Pay For A Refrigerator?

The different designs carry different cost levels. A top freezer unit may cost $700 to $1,100, while one with a bottom freezer drawer can run $900 to $1,400. Side-by-side designs tend to run anywhere from $1,200 to $2,500. French door designs are the most expensive, especially if you want extra compartments, ranging from $1,500 to $3,000, although you can spend several thousand dollars with certain French door designs, including built-ins.

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What Are The Key Refrigerator Features To Look For?

Manufacturers measure the storage space of individual refrigerator units in cubic feet. A standard refrigerator may have 20 to 23 cubic feet of storage space, although units as large as 30 to 33 cubic feet can be found. Most people find the standard size to be sufficient.

Make sure your refrigerator has any extra convenience and operational features you can't live without, such as an ice maker, a chilled through-the-door water and ice dispenser, precise temperature controls, shelves you can arrange, extra drawers and compartments, and air purifiers to eliminate odors. Just be aware that you'll pay more, sometimes quite a bit more, for these features.

What Mistakes Should You Avoid When Buying Refrigerators?

Always measure the space you have available, especially counter depth; refrigerators that extend out too far may cause problems. Don't forget to measure the doorways in your home, ensuring the unit can fit through the available opening.