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If you think that RC toys are just for kids, then you have a lot of surprises coming. At Gadget Review, we know just what the RC world is doing, and can provide you with the best RC toy reviews for both kids and adults so you can judge for yourself: Our expert recommendations and news will keep you updated on the coolest new RC toy devices, as well give you advice on how to pick out remote control devices and use them for maximum fun.

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The era of a few remote-control cars on the market for kids is long gone. Today growing variety and power of wireless connections have led to a vast RC market. The best RC toys are now underwater submersible, drones that can patrol the skies, highly advance hovercraft, mind-controlled cars, and many more exciting inventions. They often come with new, advanced controls and apps that tie in with tablet computers and phones to allow for even more options. To find out more about RC toys and how amazing they are these days, visit Gadget Review and check out our latest news!