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Gadget Review brings you the latest car comparison with our Range Rover reviews, the luxury SUV by Land Rover. The Range Rover features two lines, the Evoque and Sport. Evoque is a luxury crossover SUV and features three-door and five door coupes. It is a compactly designed vehicle that lets you tackle all kinds of terrain with ease. The SUV features an automatic 9-speed transmission for fuel conservation. The 4WD gets automatically activated by the Active Driveline when conditions demand it. And when in the city, the Intelligent Park Assist feature helps you find parking space and park the vehicle. The Evoque has a convertible lined up that goes on sale in 2016.  And one thing is for sure, you’ll probably never need to know how to jump start a car when you own a Range Rover, as they provide exceptional service and warranties.

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The Range Rover Sport has the distinction of being the most agile and responsive SUV from the Land Rover stable. This four-wheel drive features terrain-response technology for excellent on-road and off-road handling. The best Range Rovers are among the top luxury offroading vehicles in the market and Gadget Review brings you the complete lowdown on the latest models and information on the different trim levels available.