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If you are looking for the best pebble smart watch then Gadget Review is here to help with our handy comparisons and Pebble smart watch reviews. If you like the idea of a wearable like a smartwatch, but are worried about going over your budget or spending way too much money on something you won’t use, the Pebble smartwatch may be just the product for you.

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While other brands try to pile on the apps and features or make their smart watches look extra classy, Pebble has gone a different way with its very successful crowdfunding campaign. This is a simple smartwatch for those who want basic features and little more. It includes simple phone notification and alerts on a simple e-ink screen that can last for days and days without need to be recharged. It is highly water resistant, and includes multiple types of fitness tracking for running, swimming, biking and even sleeping. The best part is the price – only $100 for the basic model. For more information about the best Pebble smart watch models and what to look for in wearables, head on over to Gadget Review!