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If you are looking for expert over the ear headphones reviews, then let Gadget Review be your guide! Our experts review the best over ear headphones so you know exactly what you are looking for and can quickly make up your mind when it comes to getting the best sound for your money. If you want a selection of the best headphones to help make up your mind, then our top lists and recommendation wait for you to peruse and check out the latest pricing information and important features.

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There are several different types of over the ear headphones to choose from. Some from type brands are lightweight, water resistant models designed for running and working out, using models that will stay attached no matter what and Bluetooth wireless streaming. Others are gaming headphones with on board sound cards and large ear cups for an immersive experience. The best over ear headphones include software to make minute adjustments for sound editors, DJs, mixers and others who need the absolute best sound. Gadget Review can help you find all of these headphone options and more!