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If you love the Nintendo Wii in all its family-friendly glory, then do yourself a favor and read our Nintendo Wii review, where we collect the latest information at that famous motion sensor gaming console. There are plenty of reasons that the Nintendo Wii had some of the best selling numbers of any home video game console – few other consoles combined its friendly style of games with easy-to-under controls and movement-based gameplay. Of course, with devices like the Kinect and PlayStation Eye, both Microsoft and Sony now have their own motion-control features, which has provided some competition for the Nintendo Wii and the newer Wii U. Find the latest comparison and reviews at Gadget Review to help keep up on the new tech developments affecting these systems.

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We also offer articles on a number of related points, such as lists of the top games for consoles like the Nintendo Wii, as well as the new bundles and deals available if you are considering buying a Wii console. You can also learn more about Nintendo's plans for the Wii line, read expert analysis of any new Wii accessories or games, and find out if the latest Zelda or Donkey Kong is going to be available on the Wii.