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If you still love your Nintendo DS – or feel like returning to your favorite era of mobile game devices – then Gadget Review has you covered with our insights on the DS, Nintendo DS reviews, DS Lite info, and much more information on the mobile gaming world in general. This bestselling Nintendo video game device was a fan favorite, so it’s no surprise that it still has many followers making the most of their experiences, from Pokémon White to Disney Epic Mickey. Since Nintendo has moved onto other projects like the Nintendo 3DS, you can find the DS at extra-low prices if you know where to look: It’s a good thing that Gadget Review can help with shopping advice, too.

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In addition to learning more about the latest DS news, our expert articles can help you find out what Nintendo's future plans are for its handheld game (hint: it probably involves smartphones), where to buy DS games for the lowest costs, and more. Find out the new rumors about the mysterious Nintendo NX, what DS games are available on the Wii U, and other important pieces of information by stopping by Gadget Review and reading the latest!