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New mobile apps hit platforms everyday, so to see past the clutter and find the coolest apps around, head on over to the mobile app reviews at Gadget Review! Our top lists will tell you exactly what the best apps are for entertainment, gaming, note taking, managing your finances, and much more for your mobile device! If you are worried about cost, Gadget Review’s experts can help advise you on the best free apps for your phone. If you are looking for the best mobile apps for business or dating – be sure to read about How Tinder Works and What It Is –  we can help you pick what’s hot right now.

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Whether you prefer Google Play, the Apple App store, or the Windows Phone Store, Gadget Review has the app information that you need. We even cover news about the BlackBerry app world and what to expect from other mobile platforms. From Tinder to therapy apps to app creators, you'll be able to find the information you're looking for. As Android, iOS and Windows continue to compete, the mobile apps market is going to grow even more competitive, with even more options available. Take a moment to learn what apps are worth your time!