Maingear Laptop Reviews for 2019

MainGear Laptops are counted among the top high-performance gaming laptops. The best MainGear laptops, such as the Pulse and Nomad series, compare favorably with the top offerings from Alienware, MSI, Digital Storm, etc.

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Maingear’s eX-L 18 Gaming Notebook Claims To Be The World’s Most Powerful

Maingear’s eX-L 18 Gaming Notebook Claims To Be The World’s Most Powerful

Maingear announced what they’re claiming to be the world’s most powerful gaming notebook and considering its feature set I’m not arguing.  Under the hood of the eX-L 18 Notebook you can max out the specs with a 2.53Ghz Intel Core 2 Extreme X9300 quad processor with an Intel MCP79 chipset,…

What Else Should You Know About Maingear Laptops

If you’re looking for a boutique gaming laptop, then make sure to check out our Main Gear laptop reviews. The company lets gamers customize laptops to their desired specifications. MainGear custom gaming laptops are powerful portable gaming machines that pack exceptional graphics, powerful processors, and excellent audio, all in a sleek and lightweight body.

Gadget Review features the latest MainGear laptops; get useful information that you can use to come with the specs for your own bespoke creation. If your idea of a cool gaming laptop is one with the power of a PC under the hood and with the latest NVIDIA GeForce graphics, 3D viewing, and video editing capabilities, you can rustle up one with MainGear.

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