Lightning Cable Reviews For 2019

Lightning cables are the particular cables that Apple uses to charge and exchange data for its mobile devices. To learn more about these proprietary cables and where to find new versions if your old lightning cables have broken, visit Gadget Review and check out our Lightning cable reviews and our recommendations when it comes to a new purchase. Of course, other brands sell lightning cables as well, so we’ll take a look at alternatives and see if they are really as good as the official Apple version, or aren’t really worth it after all.

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Because the lightning cable is subject to Apple's own changes and plans, the best lightning cables are those that fit all the newest Apple mobile devices and USB protocols. However, the future of the lightning cable is still uncertain: There's a chance that Apple may switch to a new type of charging and retire the lightning cable permanently. Don't worry – Gadget Review will keep you updated on all lightning cables news and related stories to help you decide what you really need!