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Read Lexus reviews on Gadget Review to find out how the best Lexus automobiles employ cutting edge design techniques to produce aerodynamic cars that offer much more than a comfortable ride in plush interiors. Innovations employed at Lexus include acoustic glass for minimizing cabin noise, ceiling air diffusers, and touchscreen control panels. Toyota’s luxury vehicles division, Lexus, is among the topseller of luxury cars in the world, and its models are covered extensively here, on Gadget Review. Lexus models include the LS, a full-sized luxury sedan; the GS, a mid-sized luxury car; the LFA, a grand tourer; the CT 200h, a hybrid model, and others.

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The first Lexus model was launched in 1989 and since then the brand has come far, it regularly outranks competitors in owner satisfaction surveys.If you’re a fan of Japanese innovations in automobile technology, then you’ll find the latest and most exciting ones by Lexus being discussed here.