LED TV Reviews For 2019

Let us help you make an informed decision with our LED TV reviews on the latest and best LED TVs available. Get in-depth reviews, specs, price comparisons and more on all types of Televisions at Gadget Review, whether it’s smart TVs, HDTV’s or 3D TVs. LG, Samsung, Sharp, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, Vizio and other companies all manufacture LED TVs, but which brand do you choose? Let our expert television reviews help you.

Latest LED TV Reviews And News

Learn More About LED TVs

LED TVs are the most common type of televisions currently on the market. Formally known as LED-backlit LCD displays, they are actually LCD TVs that use LED backlighting instead of CCFL backlighting used by other LCD displays. There are currently three types of LEDs: Edge-lit LEDs, LED “full array” backlighting, and Dynamic “local dimming” backlighting.

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