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Want to know which are the best LED projectors? The editors at Gadget Review provide in-depth LED projector reviews, comparisons, and specs from brands such as Casio, AAXA Technologies, Acer, LG, Optoma, Asus, Dell and ViewSonic. Get expert opinions on the best LED projector to buy, and learn about other projector technologies.

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LCD stands for “Liquid-Emitting Diode,” a technology that uses "electroluminescence" to produce images. LEDs also consume less energy than other types of lighting. LED projectors are manufactured by well-known brands, and range in image resolution from 640 x 480 to 1920 x 1080.

You can buy LED projectors for many uses, and they are available in standard projector size as well as hand-held. LED projectors range in price from a couple hundred dollars into the thousands. Generally, a higher lumen projector will give you the brightest image. Gadget Review can help you decide what LED projector right for your home or office.