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If your computer keyboard stops working, then you probably need a new version right away. But instead of picking the first one you can find, check out our computer keyboard reviews. Our top lists will show you the best computer keyboards on the market, what makes them so special, and how you can buy based on features, deals, and so much more.

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What Else Should You Know About Keyboards

Not all computer keyboards are created equal. Many of them feel very different based on the way that the keys are constructed. Gaming keyboards are designed with plenty of programming options, quick keys, and of course LED backlights. Professional laptops tend to come with number pads and other simple extras. Brand-based keyboards, like those offered by Apple, have a look and feel all their own. Ergonomic keyboards reposition the keys for greater comfort, and wireless keyboards can be used from far away. Whether you are shopping from Razer, Logitech, Logisys or Apple, Gadget Review can help you find the best keyboard!