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If you’re looking to purchase an iPhone case, then check out these iPhone case reviews. This is where we inform you on the best iPhone cases – as well as the best waterproof iphone 5 cases – that are most suitable for your iPhone model. For Apple lovers, their smartphone is more than just a gadget of necessity and convenience, and it deserves care. The iPhone cases we review here will protect your iPhone from the elements, accidental falls, and daily wear.

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Apple’s website sells a range of iPhone cases, as do other online stores. They vary in terms of materials used, thickness, protection provided, and cost. Most good quality cases are made from a rugged polycarbonate material and feature a screen protector. Some upmarket ones are made from leather, sometimes faux leather. Innovatively designed iPhone cases, like the ones by LABC, for the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6S Plus have a slot for carrying an 8-pin cable for charging the phone. Wallet cases and cases with sliding QWERTY keyboards are other types discussed on Gadget Review.