iPhone Battery Case Reviews For 2019

The best iPhone 6 battery cases make sure the lights never go out on your iPhone by providing an extra charge you can use to restore a dying battery in the nick of time. If your iPhone 6 keeps running out of power at the worst moments, then stop by Gadget Review and check out our latest iPhone 6 battery case reviews to find out which option is best for you! Battery cases tend to cost a little more, but our top lists and recommendations will help you locate the best deals and the coolest cases on the market.

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The best iPhone 6 battery cases provide an extra charge without getting too much in the way. Some cases can hold a full charge for your iPhone 6 – others may be bulkier, but can hold twice as much battery life. Many modern versions include handy LED lights that show you how much power you have left and how the charging process is progressing. Some iPhone 6 battery cases even have parts that separate so you can store the extra battery elsewhere until it is needed. No matter what case attracts your attention, Gadget Review has the reviews for you!