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If you are a fan of the iPhone 5s and want to know all the latest news and updates for this iPhone model, take a look at Gadget Review and our iPhone 5s reviews. Whether you are looking for the latest apps that are compatible with the iPhone 5s, or want to explore what the upcoming iOS update means for the iPhone 5s, our top lists and news articles can give you the information that you need.

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It's an interesting time for the iPhone 5s. The best iPhone 5s apps and functions still work, and the 5s remains an important part of Apple's history with its Touch ID sensor, new colors, advanced iSight capabilities, and much more. However, as Apple eyes the iPhone 7 and brand new specifications, the future of the iPhone 5s is less certain. With new iOS updates and battery charging requirements make it more difficult to use an iPhone 5, or will Apple continue to improve efficiency and offer even more support for its older phone models? Gadget Review can bring you the answers that you need!