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If you are an Apple aficionado then chances are that you have already read iPhone 4 reviews, perhaps have also owned this iPhone and most likely you still have a soft spot for this model. The best iPhone 4 smartphones released in 2010 were at the time the most technologically advanced mobile phones. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus may be ruling the hearts and minds of gadget lovers today, but back in the day it was the iPhone 4 and when it arrived, it broke new ground.

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The iPhone 4 introduced Retina Display to the world, and it was the thinnest smartphone of all. Proud owners of the iPhone 4 were at last able to take selfies with this smartphone; it featured a front-facing camera – a first for Apple iPhones. With its sleek industrial design and robust hardware, the iPhone 4 catapulted to the top of the mind recall for all smartphone buyers. If you could afford it, you wanted it.