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Gadget Review covers the latest iPad reviews from Apple and provides expert buying advice on the different ipad models and configurations. Want to know what Apple will do with the next design? Let us be the first to tell you about the latest iPad releases, and how they compare to earlier iPad models as well as tablet computers from competitors such as Lenevo and Samsung. We tell you about the hottest iPad deals in town, and provide buying advice for all of Apple’s products.

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The iPad started the tablet craze in 2010 with the 1st generation model, driven by Apple’s innovations in touch-screen technology, tablet design, and the iOS mobile platform. After the iPad was released, other electronics manufacturers followed suit with their own tablet models, and in some respects have caught up with the Apple iPad.

Gadget Review provides everything you need to know about Apple iPads; where to buy, how do they compare with other tablets, are they worth buying; and offers side-by-side comparisons of tablet models to help you decide which iPad, or other tablet, is worth the money.