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Honda, the Japanese automobile manufacturer, has several firsts to its credit and here at Gadget Review, we ensure that you get the latest information on the car models with our expert Honda Reviews.

Current Honda models include the Accord, which has been going strong since 1976 and is now available in a plug-in Hybrid version as well. Other old-time classic models include the Civic, City, and Legend. Honda reviews on Gadget Review present a detailed picture of what’s current with the different models and trims available from the Japanese auto giant.

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The best Hondas include the Honda Brio, a subcompact hatchback from the brand, which is a five-seater and offers excellent mileage; if you’re looking to seat five people in comfort then it’s the Accord for you. The Honda CR-V is a crossover that seats five and is consistently ranked among the bestsellers in its category in the U.S automobile market.

Newer features and trim levels introduced are covered on Gadget Review so that you can make an informed buying decision.