HD TV Antenna Reviews For 2019

If you’re looking to cut-the-cord and get HD television over-the-air, then read our in-depth hd tv antenna reviews. We compare specs and prices, and provide information on the best HD antennas you need to receive HD television, from antenna manufacturers such as Channel Master, LAVA, Mohu, RCA, and ClearStream.

Latest HD TV Antenna Reviews And News

Lean More About HD TV Antennas

Antennas are used to pick up radio and television frequencies from local stations. Reception Antennas (used for reception rather than transmission) intercept electromagnetic waves that are sent to a receiver and amplified. An HD antenna will capture HD TV signals transmitted over-the-air where your TV or digital-tv tuner will convert to video and audio signals.

Common types of antennas include dipole, loop, satellite dish, television, and whip. Types of antennas include digital HD antenna, indoor antennas, multi-directional antennas, outdoor Antenna, directional Antenna, amplified antennas. Antenna reception types include Digital, HDTV and UHF.

Before cable television, antennas were the primary way a household was able to watch TV. Now, cord-cutters and never-cutters (terms used to describe people who cancel their cable or satellite TV subscriptions, or never had a television service) use antennas to capture digital SD and HD signals from local stations.