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The latest news, views, and Google Glass reviews are to be found here. Right now, the best Google Glass does is put information in front of your eyes when you need it, take pictures and videos, and let you take calls without having to reach out for your mobile. However, theoretically, there is no limit to what this piece of wearable technology can achieve in the field of augmented reality, not very removed from the realm of sci-fi.

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Since its invention in 2013, Google Glass has undergone one version upgrade, and the latest Explorer version features a 5 MP camera, 15 GB storage, 2GB RAM, and prescription frames of your choice. While, of late, there hasn’t been much activity surrounding Google Glass. The tech giant from Redwood, California, has promised exciting things for the future, and we will break the news to you when that happens. If you want to go truly hands-free, then Google Glass it is for you.