Best Gas Scooter Reviews In 2019

Gas scooters are a fun way to get around the neighborhood or commute to your job. These personal transport vehicles come in a few form factors. One is just like non-motorized kick scooters or electric scooters, but they have a gas motor.  A larger moped scooter, or Vespa type gas-powered vehicles are also sometimes referred to as gas scooters as well. Some look like kick scooters, others like a dirt bike and some are just a plain old gas bike. 150cc mopeds fall into this category.

Gas scooters are convenient, fuel efficient, and cost-effective vehicles for getting around and going places that cars can’t. Some popular gas scooter brands include names like Razor, Evo, Tao Tao, Coleman, Uberscoot, Monster Moto, and others. They come in both child and adult versions and in many different styles.

These vehicles run on gas, have a throttle, front and rear brakes, and because they are more powerful than other scooters, usually have a good suspension, strong gripping tires and are made extra durable.

When buying a new gas scooter bike, you can read our buying guides to get the latest news and reviews. Each is filled with important information that will help you make the right buying decision.

Latest Gas Scooter Reviews And News

Learn All About Gas Scooters

Our reviews and buyers guides have all of the info you need. Combined with how you intend to use your sweet new ride, you will have all of the knowledge necessary to buy the best gas powered scooter for you. Some questions to ask yourself: Will you be using it for fun or commuting? How far do you have to go? And how fast do you want your gas scooter moped to go?

You will also want to pay attention to max rider weight capacity and make sure that it will hold you. And always remember to be safe, which includes looking at added safety features like disc brakes or speed inhibitors and wearing protective gear like a helmet. A gas motor scooter is powerful and should be respected. And make sure they are street legal where you live.