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If you have come across Garmin running watches in search for the best fitness tracking and running apps, Gadget Review can help you out with our expert Garmin running watch reviews, top lists, and comparisons of this and other smart watches. Garmin’s running watches are not Apple Watches, but the Forerunner series does have several advantages compared to the average fitness band. Most notably, Garmin specializes (unsurprisingly) in GPS tracking. So while the watch can show you the level of your cardio workout, the miles you are running, and other useful features, its most unique offerings are all about location.

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For example, GPS enabled Garmin running watches allow you to chart exactly where you are and where you have been, ideal for finding the perfect mountain trail to run. The best Garmin running watches also include barometric altimeters to tell you how far up you are, and electronic compasses to help you find your way. These are serious running companions for outdoor lovers and those unafraid of exploration.