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Read Ford Reviews on Gadget Review to stay informed about the company’s latest upgrades to its models, changes in car builds and prices, newly introduced five-door models, and more.The best Fords hold their own against stiff competition by continually providing innovative solutions to car buyers. These include voice command for connectivity, heated front leather seats, improvements in fuel economy, 3D printing for automotive prototyping, etc. Ford, which operates out of Dearborn, Michigan, produces some of the most iconic car models out there and at Gadget Review; we follow every new development associated with the Ford Motor Company.

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Ford models include the Fiesta in the subcompact category, Focus in the compact, Fusion in the mid-size, and Taurus in the full-size category. The Mustang is Ford’s popular sports model. Looking for an environment friendly car? Check out Gadget Review articles on the Ford family of electric and hybrid vehicles. These include the Fusion Hybrid Se, with a top speed of 85 MPH in electric mode and the Focus Electric, the compact with the best fuel efficiency in America.