Folding Scooter Reviews in 2019

Folding electric scooters are a convenient way to get around town. The folding aspect of these battery-powered vehicles is what makes them so special. You can commute to work, and easily fold it up to get on public transportation whether it’s a bus or a train. You can’t do that with an electric moped and electric skateboards aren’t as fun. These portable folding models are just like other electric scooters except that they fold for easy storage and carrying. These can be adult electric scooters or scooters for kids.

Often the folding mechanism is very simple to use and it will fold in half with just the push of a handle in less than 2 seconds.

Latest Folding Electric Scooter Reviews And News

Foldable Scooter Features

Like other electric scooters, folding electric scooters come with many of the same features. These features can include a headlight, disc brakes, a kickstand, variable speed throttle, and adjustable handlebars to name a few. What you want to look for is durable build quality, a decent speed, range and a charge time that you find acceptable from the lithium ion battery.

The build quality should be heavy duty. You want it to last for years in good condition, fast enough to get you where you are going and the battery life should give you a good range. The battery should also charge quickly.

Also, pay attention to how much your scooter weighs. It should be light enough to fold up and carry when you need to. Otherwise, what's the point of having a foldable lightweight vehicle? And make sure that your own weight is under the maximum weight capacity so your scooter can safely hold you. If you are over that weight capacity, you could hurt your vehicle or it just won't go very fast.

You can learn more about folding electric scooters reviews by reading our buying guides. We have all of the info you need to buy the best electric vehicle for your situation. Each buyers guide is filled with helpful info on both adult electric scooters and kids scooters.

Top selling models include Glion Dolly, the Qiewa Q1Hummer, Ninebot Segway, Fuzion V1000, the Gigabyke Groove, Razor electric scooter, anything from Pulse Performance, the Speedway Mini, Razor e200, the Razor E300s seated electric scooter, the Ninebot ES2, Mi electric scooter, Gotrax GXL, Swagtron Swagger, Razor E300 electric, Xiaomi M365, and the Ecoreco m5.

Why buy a folding electric scooter?

Many people enjoy using portable electric scooters for quick trips to a friend's house or the corner store. Buying one of these vehicles can help you save some wear and tear on your car and they don't pollute. Others are happy commuting to work every day on a folding electric scooter. The folding feature is pretty handy when you need to take it on public transport or store it in a corner of the office.

Plus they are a lot of fun.