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Read flashlight reviews to discover and learn about lantern flashlights, keychain flashlights, black light flashlights, diving lamps, and halogen flashlights; check comparisons of the best tactical flashlights by popular brands such as Maglite, Ultrafire, Coast, Energizer, and Rayovac. The standard handheld flashlight is but one of the many different types of flashlights that are reviewed on the pages of Gadget Review. Depending upon the end use, flashlights take on different shapes, constructed from different materials, and use different sources of power.

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Gadget Review assesses flashlights for performance based on factors such as design, bulb type – incandescent, LED, HID, output in lumens, time for recharging, and durability. The best flashlights in the market offer a mix of value and performance, they are rugged, lightweight, the switches are resistant to wear and tear, and their batteries last long; the choice of a flashlight is also affected by materials used, such as vulcanized rubber, plastic, aluminum, and brass as well as the choice of modes such as SOS mode and strobe mode.