Fitbit Reviews For 2019

For the best Fitbit reviews and comparisons, visit Gadget Review and find out what our experts have to say! Fitbit is busy updating its fitness band collection with new apps and abilities, which means a lot of new decisions to make if you are searching the market for the best product.  Moreover, you can stay on top of the latest these trackers have to offer by reading our latest fitness tracker reviews.

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While Fitbit has been in the fitness band world for a while now, its offerings have only lately become interesting and highly competitive. "There's a Fitbit product for everyone," the company claims, and backs this up with a roster of devices. The best Fitbit is probably the one that matches your workout preferences the most. All work to monitor basic activity levels and heart rate. However, some, like the Surge, are focused on hardcore training, while others, like the One, are simpler devices with basic sleep tracking and activity monitors. Some, like the Zip, are little dongles suitable for all styles of activity. Any one of these may be what you are looking for, but remember to take a close look at the accompanying app to see how the interface works and what features it offers.