Best Electric Motorcycle Reviews In 2019

Electric motorcycles are electric vehicles with two or three wheels. The electricity comes from a rechargeable lithium ion battery, which drives the electric motor. The first patent for an electric motorcycle dates way back to September of 1895 and today they are a major part of the motorcycle industry.

You can charge them directly from any wall outlet and be on your way after it charges. Another plus is that they are much quieter than the gas-powered versions. They are more powerful than the average electric scooter and are a great alternative to electric cars.

Some top brands that make these vehicles are the Lightning Strike, Harley Davidson, Zero, Razor, Alta Motors, and Victory.

These brands make electric bikes like the Energica Ego, Razor MX500, the Brutus v9, Zero SR, Arc Vector, Redshift MXR, the Zero Power Tank, Victory Empulse, Harleydavidson Livewire, and the Vespa Elettrica.

Many electric bikes allow quick battery swapping so that you can get more out of your ride without having to stop and recharge. Today’s electric motorcycles can reach a top speed of up to 80 miles per hour and about 50 miles of range before needing a recharge, and 42 hp(Horse Power).

These vehicles need very little maintenance as an electric model doesn’t need tuning or lubricating. You will still have to take care of some basics like brake pad replacement and brake fluid changes. So they are much easier to care for.

Electric motorcycles come in all kinds of colors and styles. Since performance varies, you can count on our buyers guide and reviews to give you the info that you need.

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If you are buying an electric motorcycle, buy a model that fits your needs. Some are geared more for off-road, while others are better at commuting. Some are more of a sport bike, like cafe racers. Also, choose one that has a short charge time with a long range.

You can also extend a motorcycle's range by buying an extra battery pack so that you can swap batteries and extend your ride time. There are other factors to consider as well and we cover these in our electric motorcycle buying guides.