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While many people think of drones as government and commercial products, the truth is that there are many consumer drone options available for passionate amateur, and their prices are quickly coming down to more reasonable levels. If you want to learn more about the drone scene, what are the best drones, and how to pick a drone, gadgets for drones check out the drone reviews at Gadget Review for the latest expert information.

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Consumer quadcopters are often used for capturing aerial snapshots and video, a lot like a flying GoPro with extra-high definition. Whether you want the perfect HD photo or a 4K video that soars over a valley or desert, drones can offer exactly what you need. If you're worried about piloting, most drones come with extensive training and simulation software to help you get started, along with easy-to-learn controls that often connect to tablet computers so you can see what your drone sees and change commands in real time. If this sounds like something you'd love – or if you just want to upgrade from that boring old model airplane – check out Gadget Review for drone news, new products, and more.