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Gadget Review can help you find just the best docking station you are looking for with our docking station reviews and news. Ordinarily, a docking station allows you to plug in and charge a mobile device, like your smartphone, while still being able to see the screen. However, the best docking stations go far beyond this simple task and give you so much more to do. Many allow you to hook up multiple phones and tablet computers at the same time. Some are part of speaker systems so you can also list to music. The more advanced versions can even charge your phone wirelessly through contact points so you don’t have to plug anything in.

Latest Docking Station Reviews And News

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When sorting through these options, be sure to stop by Gadget Review and see our comparisons and recommendations. If you're no sure where to start, our top lists can clue you in on the best docking stations and the greatest deals, while our news stories will keep you up to date on the coolest docking station features and more!