Cool, Unique Watches for 2019

Getting a cool watch for yourself or someone on your list is one of the best feelings in the world. That’s because watches aren’t just for telling time – they also make a statement about your personal style. Ever since timepieces were invented, men and women have been buying awesome watches and unusual timepieces to show off.
Whether you’re looking for some flashy accents like black dials, stainless steel details, a leather strap or some white gold, they say the watch makes the man. That doesn’t just apply to mechanical mens watches, this goes for women as well.

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For some, it’s all about style, while others prefer a limited edition. There are a few things to keep in mind when buying a watch. For one, a digital watch may be easier to read than an analog watch, but the analog display is usually more stylish because it is nice to see the hands and other designs under the dial window.

A leather watch usually refers to a simple watch with a leather strap. Skeleton dial watches mean that the watch movements and other moving parts are exposed for you to see. Believe it or not, a wood watch is a watch that is made of wood. When it comes to leather watch bands, brown leather, and black leather are most common, but they do come in other colors.

Features To Consider When Buying A Watch

The features that you need in a watch will be determined by how you will be using it. If you plan to wear your wrist watch in inclement weather, you will want to consider water resistance so that rain and brief contacts with water won’t hurt your watch. Most sport watches feature a timer and stopwatch, some even have GPS, various alarms or a speed calculator. Other features you can get include night vision, antireflective sapphire, time zones and more.
The dial size should match your wrist. You want a smaller dial for a small wrist and a large dial for a big wrist. You also want to be able to see what time it is at night, so pay attention to the luminosity rating.

Watch Band and Case Materials

These days watch bands and cases are made of many materials like, gold, silver, titanium, canvas, plastic and even wood as well as leather for some bands.

Popular Watch Brands

There are many watchmakers today that offer quality analog, digital and GPS watches. These are just a few well known and trusted names like Citizen, Timex, Casio, Rolex, Omega, and Seiko. Each is a master in the field.

Watch Power Sources

Like anything else, your watch needs energy to run. Watches use 4 types of power sources:
Mechanical watches operate by being wound every day or so, while Automatic watches have automatic movements and wind themselves using the movement of your wrist. Quartz watches with a quartz movement have a battery that can last for a few years. And lastly, solar powered watches are powered by the sun. As long as your watch is functioning perfectly it will have a great power reserve.

What Should I Pay For A Watch?

You can buy a decent watch for almost any price. However prices for a quality watch range from $50 to several thousand, It all depends on features, brand name and what kind of style you want.

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Looking for cool watches for men or someone special on your list (or yourself)? Then bookmark Gadget Review and use us as your buyers guide as we search the web and world for the coolest watches that come to market each month.

When buying a new watch, make sure that you know what you want. Do you want a digital display or analog, with moving hands? What you choose will largely depend on your style. If you want style, but don't mind winding your watch daily, choose a mechanical watch. If you don't want to worry about winding or replaing batteries, a solar watch is for you. The happy medium are quart watches which have batteries that can last years.

Whether you want stainless steel watches, a luxurious watch in rose gold or cool brands like Invicta, Rolex, Timex or Ulysse Nardin, we review everything under the sun. It's time to buy one today and add it to your watch collection. These watches also make great gift ideas.