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Gadget Review is where you can find a list of cool men’s wallets and also where the best deals and best gadgets for men can be had. The best men’s wallets fulfill a utilitarian purpose and up your style quotient. Whether made from cowhide, sheepskin, denim, or crocodile skin, wallets fulfill two basic functions – to hold cards and cash. Yet, the diversity in choice available can make wallet selection a pleasantly bewildering task. The job gets further compounded when you have to choose between a branded wallet that assures you of quality and another that looks great, costs less, but does not sport a label. This is where our reviews and opinions on wallets will help you make up your mind on the type of wallet that should be in your back pocket or the insides of your coat.

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Check out write-ups on the coolest wallets from Tommy Hilfiger, Buxton, Calvin Klein, and Fossil and find out if these brands carry a model to complement your style. There are different types of wallets – breast pocket, bi-fold, tri-fold, long wallet, etc. And they are all well represented here.