Cool Clock Reviews For 2019

Whether you love cool clocks or are just looking for a new timepiece to replace the one you “accidentally” crushed, Gadget Review has the clock reviews you need to find the best high-tech clocks with the coolest features. There are a ton of clock options out there for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and more: Which is right for you? The best clocks often include fun new capabilities like hologram numbers, charging for your various mobile devices, or intelligent alarm systems that will wake you up in unique ways. Other smart features can not only connect with your phone but also with other devices around your house like your coffeemaker, brewing up a fresh cup while also waking you up.

At Gadget Review, we take time to go through all these clock options and find the versions that work best for the real consumer. Our expert comparisons and recommendations help you locate the best clocks and make up your own mind – in a timely manner, of course. Stop by Gadget Review today to learn more!

What Are the Types of Clocks?

Analog clocks

An analog clock is a conventional type of clock that features minute and hour hands with dials and an alarm. Most unique wall clocks and alarm clocks are analog.

Digital Clocks

Digital clocks are widely used and feature an LCD, LED, or VFD screen with two display formats, namely 24-hour notation and 12-hour notation with an AM and PM indicator.

In 2015, 14-year old Ahmed Mohamed was arrested by the police in a school district in Irving, Texas when his teacher thought that a digital clock he reassembled in a pencil container was a bomb.

Electronic Word Clocks

Word clocks tell the time with natural sentences on the screen.

Auditory Clocks

Auditory clocks use a pre-recorded human or computer-generated voice to tell the time.

Multi-display Clocks

Multi-display clocks can show multiple time zones or standards. Many apps feature multi-display clocks that are integrated with the morning news, social media, and an alarm.

Tactile Clocks

This type of clock features a physical representation of numbers to tell the time. This type of clock is ideal for people who have imperfect vision.

Latest Cool Clock Reviews And News

3 Mistakes People Make When Buying a Clock

Failing to Take Their Lifestyle into Account

Choose a clock that fits your lifestyle. For example, if you regularly sleep in hotel rooms, a large clock can be a hassle to take with you on trips.

Ignoring Alarm Volume

Alarm volume and snooze settings are crucial if you tend to ignore your alarm or sleep through it.

Forgetting About Add-on Features

Many cool clocks feature night lights, integration with social media, radios, customization for sleeping patterns, and aesthetically pleasing displays. Since these features can optimize your morning routine, it is worth shopping around to find these features.

What is the Best Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers?

If you are a heavy sleeper, you need an alarm clock that is loud enough to wake you from any stage of the sleep cycle. Apart from alarm volume, there are several other features to ensure that you wake up.

For example, the Baboomi clock wakes you up by vibrating your pillow. The iHomeiAVS16 alarm clock has Amazon’s Alexa built-in to wake you up with music, the news, or the day’s weather.

How to Take the Best Care of Your Cool Clock

Proper care will ensure that you get optimal value and life expectancy from your clock. You can take care of your clock by keeping it away from direct sunlight, dusting it regularly, and making sure that you follow its user instructions closely.

Do Alarm Clocks Give Off Radiation?

Modern clock manufacturers sometimes use tritium illumination on dials, hands, and buttons that emit radiation. The levels of radiation are minute; however, and is nothing to worry about.

Older clocks may contain a paint that contains radium and a fluorescent compound that gives off radiation, but you are only in danger if your skin is in contact with the paint for long periods.

Generally speaking, you don’t have to worry about your alarm clock being harmful to your health.