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Let Gadget Review help you assess and evaluate the best coffee machines (even best drip coffee maker) so that you can take home the right one for your needs with our kitchen appliance reviews. Coffee machines and coffee makers find extensive use in homes and commercial eating places; given the variety of machines available and the different brands like Mr. Coffee, Cuisinart, Keurig, and Breville, choosing the best coffee machines or  best home espresso machines from those available can be difficult.

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For the purists, coffee machine reviews cover filter coffee machines so that you get a cuppa that tastes just like traditionally made filter coffee. Pod or capsule coffee machines are easy to operate and favored in office environments. Percolators, pump espresso makers, and bean to cup are the other types of coffee makers that are reviewed in detail on our site if you're into coffee brewing methods that take more time.

Find out about how easily parts such as filters and thermostats on these machines can be replaced. What do you need to know about the warranties accompanying coffee machines? Is the spout non-drip? How do I brew the perfect cup? Find out with our guides.