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On Gadget Review, you can learn about the range of breathalyzers available in the market; and our exhaustive comparisons and opinion pieces on personal breathalyzers will help you distinguish between devices that use semiconductors and those that use a fuel cell sensor.

Read breathalyzer reviews to learn about devices used by law enforcement and hospitals. Find out about features of breathalyzers by brands such as FDL, Protocol, and Breathkey. Most breath testing devices for measuring breath alcohol levels feature a compact design for easy portability, some can even be slung on keychains; the mouthpieces, which may be of the folding type, allow easy capture of the breath while keeping external gases and air out.

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The best breathalyzers can be recalibrated and feature easy-to-read LCD monitors that return results upon one-touch activation. Breathalyzers can vary in cost, and the really sophisticated tabletop breathalyzers can cost more than a thousand dollars. Gadget Review lets you know if the breathalyzer of your choice has been approved by the FDA for human use.