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Gadget Review provides you with in-depth boat reviews and comparisons for the boating enthusiast so that when it is time for you to select a boat, kayak, inflatable kayak or canoe you’ll be ready with all the comparison features necessary. The type and features associated with a boat vary with the end use; is it meant for freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, cruising, or sailing? How many passengers is the boat meant to carry?

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Boat reviews on Gadget Review cover dinghies, dhows, cutters, sailboats, longboats, surfboats, kayaks, shad boats, trawlers, yachts, and other boat types. Learn about the salient features of boats built from materials such as aluminum, plastic, fiberglass, and wood. Discover with Gadget Review the pros and cons of a boat with an outboard engine as against one with an inboard engine.

Find out about the best boats across types and models by different manufacturers such as Bayliner, Centurion, Centurion Whaler, Nordhaven, and Bertram.