Bluetooth Speaker Reviews For 2019

Bluetooth Speaker ReviewsIf you’re searching for the best Bluetooth speaker or best outdoor Bluetooth Speakers, do yourself a favor by reading our expert speaker reviews, where the latest Bluetooth speaker reviews and lists of the top Bluetooth speakers are honestly compared! With that in mind, it’s important to understand that Bluetooth speakers are often divided into categories based on use. Rugged speakers are designed for outdoor travel and are usually smaller so they can fit in a backpack. Waterproof speakers are made for chilling by the pool or on the beach, though these speakers are often one in the same as the aforementioned. Party speakers can link up with each and often include lights or display options to impress onlookers while spilling out tunes. And then there are the more versatile speakers, which often include a mic and speaker phone for taking phone calls. Nevertheless, all of the previously mentioned Bluetooth speakers could include this feature.

So, what is Bluetooth speaker?

Just like the name suggests, Bluetooth Speakers are digital audio receivers (speakers) that rely on Bluetooth technology to receive sound from other devices for playback. These speakers have a built-in amplifier that allows magnification of the digital sound signals upon transmission from your smart device without the need for plug-in or cable attachments. In essence, Bluetooth is a wireless technology whereby two devices communicate with each other, one as the signal transmitter and the other a receiver. These speakers are well designed to be portable, utilize rechargeable batteries and have over the past few years gained much popularity among lovers of music.

What To Know About Bluetooth Speakers

What’s The Price Range For Bluetooth Speakers? 

There are numerous types of Bluetooth speaker, each with their own retail price depending on factors such as type, specifications and brand. However, most wireless speakers fall within the range of $50 to $300.

The best Bluetooth speaker brands include Fugoo, Bose, Ultimate Ears, Philips and a few others.

Key Features to Look For 

Audio or sound quality is the major factor that differentiates a great Bluetooth speakers from the pact. But so is portability, especially if you plan to travel with your Bluetooth speaker.  But first ensure you consider a speaker that offers an outstanding battery life (at least 8 – 10 hours of battery).

Audio Quality: An impressive audio performance is the first key feature to look at. When tested using a number of musical genres, the speaker needs to produce balanced frequency ranges, with crisp treble and a balance between bass and midrange.

Controls Features & Durability: Different Bluetooth speakers may have different control features. The most common of these include the Hands-Free Profile that allows for voice commands, Headset Profile that enables the speakerphone feature, and the Remote Control Profile from which you can conveniently control your playlist. A more reliable speaker should also be durable and its design has a huge say in this as well as its portability. Some are made to resist falls, sand, and water, meaning that they are ideal for use in different terrains.

Battery Life and Performance: More often than not, the battery life of most Bluetooth speakers has a range of somewhere between 6 and 40 hours standard. Some models have the capability of serving as power banks for mobile gadgets and run on rechargeable batteries.

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Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Bluetooth Speakers 

Your entertainment experience with a new set of Bluetooth speakers will be determined by how well you consider the above mentioned factors. However, buyers tend to overlook a few key factors.

Don’t buy based on price: Some shoppers tend to go for high cost Bluetooth speakers assuming that they are the best quality while others tend to consider affordability. Instead of buying based entirely on price, take time to conduct some research to ensure you are getting value for your money.

Don't buy on brand alone: Sure we've suggested some top brands, but make sure they meet all of your requirements.  That said, Fugoo is a relatively unknown new comer, but they offer one of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market.

Don't compromise on battery: We've mentioned this, but honestly, this will be a big deal when you're traveling or backpacking. Again, Fugoo's speakers boast 40 hours of battery life (under ideal conditions), and that's plenty for at least a week's trip.