Best ATV Reviews in 2019

ATV stands for All Terrain Vehicle. ATV’s are motorized off-road vehicles that have four tires, a seat to straddle and low handlebars for steering control. There are two types of ATV: Single rider and those that have room for the rider and a passenger. These vehicles perform best off-road   

While they all share the same basic design and the same standard features, ATVs have a wide variety of traits, so you should always ride an ATV that is appropriate to your age group. Adult ATVs are very powerful, some with a singlecylinder engine or even a vtwin engine, whereas youth ATVs are slower, safer, and made for small bodies. Matching riders ages to the proper ATV is a must.

Features to Look for in ATVs

Always buy the appropriate ATV for your age group. Adults will want powerful 4 wheelers, while kids should stick to youth ATVs like crazy carts. When buying an off-road vehicle, always pay attention to the key features of speed, range and charge time for those that have lithium ion batteries. A durable build and rugged ATV tires will also never let you down. Make sure that it has a good suspension and most importantly, safety features. A good front differential and a strong rear axle is also recommended. Electronic power steering is also available on some models. Riding and handling should feel great, providing a smooth ride.

Keep in mind that ATVs do require some maintenance, such as engine repair, or changing a spark plug. ATV tires will also need to be replaced occasionally.

Each of our reviews are an ATV buyers guide that will help you buy an ATV that will have you adventuring for years.

Types of ATVs

ATVs are also known as quads, quadricycle, quad bikes, four-wheeler, or a quadricycles. Like motorcycles, some are even released in a limited edition. Just be aware that a special edition will cost much more.

ATV models come in many styles and you can usually choose a special color option from any model lineup. Olive Green is a popular color choice. Some even have rear seat storage. And a utility ATV can even help you get jobs done, like plowing your driveway or pulling heavy things. A utility atv can still be used for fun so no worries.