Apple Macbook Pro Reviews for 2019

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Latest Apple Macbook Pro Reviews

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What makes MacBook Pro laptops special? The 13-inch and 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro notebooks feature a Force Touch trackpad, a rugged unibody enclosure, more than nine hours of battery life, and a solid state (or SSD) architecture.

Checkout reviews of the best Macbook Pros on Gadget Review; these portable computers are easy and intuitive to use thanks to multi-touch gestures, slick operating system (OS X), compatibility with other products from the Apple universe, and more. Is it performance or portability that you seek in your Apple laptop? We can help you answer the question and suggest Apple MacBook models ideal for your needs.

And while the MacBook Pro may primarily appear as an alternative to Windows-based laptops, it’s not as you can install Windows or Linux on the Macbook Pro.