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We bring you Android tablet reviews that cover tablets of all sizes and configuration. The best Android tablets by Asus, Samsung Google, Toshiba, and other brands are discussed in detail, include the best 7-inch Android tablets. Pure tablets or tablet hybrids, models such as Sony Xperia Z4 for newbies or versatile gaming tablets such as the Nvidia Shield are reviewed for features and performance. Android, by virtue of being an open source OS, offers a diverse range of tablets and there’s a tablet for every need.

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It’s just a matter of finding out the right Android tablet for you. Our android tablet reviews can help you with it. Use them as buying guides and make an informed purchase decision. Looking for a tablet with great audio, then check out the Amazon Fire HDX 8.9. If you’re always connected and have your data in the cloud, then it’s the Nexus for you. And, we’ll let you when there’s a sale happening or there are deals on tablets to be grabbed.