3D Camera Reviews For 2019

3D Camera ReviewsRead our 3D camera reviews,  and see specs and price comparisons on the latest stereoscopic cameras.  3D cameras are available in a few different configurations, allowing you to create images that are viewable in three dimensions. With 3D photography, you can create an image that you can view with 3D glasses. Our list of 3D camera reviews should help with your choice of the best 3D model for your still image needs. And some 3D cameras even can record 3D movies. It won’t be quite the same as watching Batman v Superman in 3D at the theater, but you potentially can create 3D videos you can watch on a 3D TV at your home.

What Is A 3D Camera?

A 3D camera, also sometimes called a stereo camera, is one that can record images that will appear to have three dimensions to them. These 3D cameras often use a dual lens configuration, where each lens records a slightly different view of the scene. When the images are combined, it creates the illusion of depth.

In other 3D camera configurations, the camera records an image, the lens shifts slightly, and the camera records another image, both occurring in a fraction of a second, to create the two different views. Others use software to stitch together multiple images and create a 3D image.

Some 3D cameras can also create standard two dimensional images, while others only shoot in 3D.

Best 3D Cameras

Our list of top rated 3D camera range widely in price and features offering a little bit of something for everyone.  Ease and simplicity, as well is quality, is found in our #1 pick, the Fujifilm FinePix 3D W3.  But if you’re looking for more versatility continue on to our #2 and #3 pick, with the latter perhaps blending the best of those two.  #4 speaks for itself, where as #5 is great way to dip your toe into the world of 3D photography.

 Fujifilm Real 3D W3 Camera
Sony-SLT-A58K-SLRsamsung-nx300Panasonic Lumix 3D1
Kimera Big Shot 3D Camera
Fujifilm FinePix
Real 3D W3
Sony SLT-A58K
Samsung NX300
with 2D/3D Lens
Panasonic Lumix 3D1Kimera Big Shot
Rank#1 - Best Overall
3D Camera
#2 - Best 3D DSLR#3 - Best Mirrorless
3D Camera
#4 - Best Compact 3D Camera#5 - Best DIY 3D Camera
Amazon Rating4andhalf-stars4andhalf-stars4andhalf-stars4andhalf-starsfive-stars
Image Sensor Size2x 1/2.3 inch23.2 x 15.4 mm23.5 x 15.7 mm1/2.3 inchNA
Dual Lens Designgreen-check-markred-x-iconred-x-icongreen-check-markgreen-check-mark
3D Display Screengreen-check-markred-x-iconred-x-iconred-x-iconred-x-icon
3D Moviesgreen-check-markred-x-iconred-x-icongreen-check-markred-x-icon
Interchangeable Lensesred-x-icongreen-check-markgreen-check-markred-x-iconred-x-icon
Dimensions4.9 x 2.6 x 1.1"5.1 x 3.8 x 3.1"
(camera body only)
4.8 x 2.5 x 1.6"
(camera body only)
4.25 x 2.3 x 0.95"5.1 x 2.8 x 1.6"
Weight8.5 ounces17.4 ounces
(camera body only)
10 ounces
(camera body only)
6.8 ouncesNA
Price$599$498 with kit lens$499 for camera with
2D lens;
$379 for 3D lens
Buy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy Now

Latest 3D Camera Reviews

What Else Should You Know About 3D Cameras

What Price Should You Expect To Pay For A 3D Camera?

The least expensive 3D cameras are more like toys than consumer-level digital cameras, and they cost about $100. If you're looking for a fixed lens, point and shoot camera with 3D capabilities through dual lenses, you can expect to pay $400 or more. Some DSLR cameras and mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras (ILCs) offer 3D capabilities through a single lens. Such cameras will start at $500 on average, but they certainly can cost more.

Another option is to download an app and use your smartphone camera for 3D photography. A couple of iPhone 3D options are the Fyuse and Seene apps, both of which are free.

Which Are The Leading 3D Camera Brands?

Fujifilm and Panasonic are two of the leading 3D camera manufacturers, offering a few different dual lens models. Samsung has a 3D lens it offers for some of its mirrorless ILCs. And Sony has a 3D Sweep Panorama feature it includes with the software for some of its cameras, allowing it to create a 3D photo by stitching together multiple images.

What Are The Key 3D Camera Features To Look For?

If you want a true 3D photographic experience, you're going to want to look at a camera that has a dual lens configuration. Any other type of configuration is going to rely on a lens shift or software to pull off the 3D image.

And if you want to shoot 3D video with a still image 3D camera, you'll need a dual lens configuration. You also have the option of purchasing a 3D video camcorder, which also relies on a dual lens configuration, or a GoPro. With such videos, you'll be able to upload to the YouTube and 3D viewing channel.

What Mistakes Should You Avoid When Buying A 3D Camera?

Before selecting a 3D camera, don't forget to think about how you plan to use it. For example, if you want to use your 3D camera to record 2D images too, you need to make sure the model you select has both options.

And before you purchase a camera to create 3D images, you need to make sure you have a place to display them. After all, you cannot use the best 3D printer to create 3D prints of the images from your camera. You'll need to find a 3D TV where you can display these images for the best results.

A Little History

3D cameras (also known as “stereo cameras”) utilize two lenses to simulate what we see with two eyes. The use of a stereo camera can be traced back to the beginnings of photography in the 1840s, and in the 1900’s became popular with the mass production of hand-held 3D cameras. 3D images can be viewed with a stereoscope viewer, with 3D glasses, or if you so opt for a camera with one, a built-in 3D display. In 2009, the Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W1 became the first widely sold consumer 3D digital camera, and used an autostereoscopic display so 3D glasses were not needed. The camera released about the same time as James Cameron’s Avatar that started a new trend in 3D movies.

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