ReviCharger Is Yet Another Credit Card Sized Portable Charger


There’s no shortage of external battery packs in the market. Due to an array of features and advanced technology introduced in smartphones, the most common issue faced by users is the battery running out of juice at unexpected times. This is where portable chargers comes to the rescue — carrying the charger and USB cable all the time isn’t convenient at all. Most portable chargers do come with a lot of power — thousands of mAh capacity, but they defy the “portable” feature and sometimes are too big to carry in your pocket. Today, we came across another handy portable charger dubbed as ReviCharger, which can easily fit in your wallet, and comes with support for almost all the devices available in the market.

ReviCharger measures 82 cm x 52 cm x 2.4 mm so it’s small enough to fit in your pocket without any issues. It can even fit inside your wallet so you don’t have to carry those big battery packs with you. There are two versions of ReviCharger; one comes with 550 mAh battery while the other one features a bigger 1,440 mAh battery to make sure you don’t have to turn off your phone. It comes with both microUSB and lightning cable so that you can charge an array of devices with it, so it’s not just limited to iPhones.

As far as the price is concerned, the 550 mAh version costs $25 while the 1,440 mAh one comes with a $30 price tag. The charger is up for pre-orders at the manufacturers website with an expected shipping date to be summers 2014. Compared to other portable chargers, I’m pretty impressed with the pricing of the product, it’s cheaper than most which are already available in the market.

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