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Reverse Shower, The Viteo Shower

Viteo Shower

Is this the same chick that models the Solar Powered shower?  Black bathing suit? Check.  Brown hair? Check.  Slender build? Check.  Heck, the only thing missing is that solar part, well, and the shower head.

The Viteo Shower is a bit of gimmick meets practically.  Sure you could just rinse off using the garden hose, but that’s not fun or unique, and a bit down right ghetto.  This device, which uses your garden hose, projects water upwards from 16 valves.  The height of the stream is variable depending on water pressure, and unlike the Solar Shower there’s no heating device.

The real shocker, as in not the cold water from the hose, is the price tag; $1,250.  Yup, you could build a teak shower in your backyard that probably does the same thing and still have money left over for a party.


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  1. WOW at that price tag! Seriously, that’s incredibly expensive! I looked at the solar powered shower, and no those look like two different women to me. ;)

    Your comment about teak is pretty much dead on though, teak is a great material to build with, and for the price tag of $1,250 for that reverse shower thing, you certainly could build yourself a nice outdoor teak shower!

    For anyone that doesn’t know, teak is a great wood to use outside, because it naturally repels water, and ages very well. It’s obviously good to use indoor as a bath mat also. :)

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