Retro Gaming Goes Older-School With A Portable Wood Emulator

Retro games are incredibly popular right now, largely thanks to nostalgia and in some cases, an appreciation of the sheer perfection simplicity can offer. Which sounds incredibly pretentious, but there’s something to be said for it. Especially when it means you can get emulators made entirely out of wood. Yes, we said wood.

Two Wood For One Game

The PE358 doesn’t have a great name, but it does come loaded for bear when it comes to retro games. It has a Raspberry Pi on board to handle all the emulation chores, and if you’re familiar with the Game Boy Advance SP at all, you already know what you’re in for; open it up and you’ve got a screen on one side, the controls on the other. What makes it stand out is, of course, its housing. Carved from American walnut, it’s a distinctly classier, and distinctly beautiful. It’s even designed to put a cable right in the middle, instead of in the hinge, and it’s oddly perfect.

Go Gaming

Obviously, there are intellectual piracy issues with emulation that aren’t fully settled yet; remember, it’s only OK to emulate the games you legally own, so buy anything you want to play. But, with this gorgeous casing and the honestly quite powerful guts inside this particular emulator, that will be a minor concern. After all, with a portable console this classy, you can’t be breaking the law.

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