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Meindl Unveils Retractable Spike Boot, Deploys at a Moment’s Notice

If you live in the Northeast and recently endured the blizzard of twenty thirteen (one of the biggest since 1978), then you know how paramount a good pair of boots can be. Gortex is a must, but that’s only part of the proverbial equation when it comes to traversing the snowy and soon to be ice-laden streets. You should check out Key Factors and Features to a Good Ski Boot to learn more.

Last March I showed you the Korkers Snow boots, which included a heavy insulation and a set of hot swappable soles for added traction in the most precarious of situations.  However, they’re not the most practical of options, since you’ll need to carry around the add-on, which is hardly practical if you’re moving from office to street, or home to street, or even the car.

Enter Meindl’s Tecvision boots.  Integrated into the base of the footing is a gear system that allows explorers, and average Joes, to deploy a set of spikes at a moment’s notice.  You simply just need to flip out the dial located at the heel of the boot, turn, and presto, the metal spikes emerge from a set of recessed slots.  When you’re returning to the car, the house, or the office, you just have to repeat the process, only this time your turn the dial the opposite direction and the metal pegs recede back into the boot.

There appears to be a total of 6 spikes on each boot, though that could vary by model.  That said, Meindl told Gizmag that you can expect to see their Tecvision boots sometime next year in the following models: Gastein Spike GTX, Island Spike MFS and Arctic Spike GTX, all of which use a Gortex construction.  Unfortunately, price is still unknown.

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