Rethink Dog Collar Monitors Temperature, Ensures Your Dog Doesn’t Die

On a hot summer day, the inside of a car can reach temperatures well above 120 degrees.  It’s no place for humans, or in this case, dogs to reside.  However, since humans have hands, and hands allow them to open doors, or start the car and turn on the air conditioning, it stands to reason that we really never account for these extreme temperatures.  But if a dog could talk, they’d probably chew your ear off about problem.

The Rethink Dog Collar is effectively a thermometer that constantly monitors your best friends surroundings.  When and if the temperature rises above a certain point, about 78 degrees F, it automatically sends a text message to your phone.  The device, which is still in the prototype stages, will require a SIM card with active service, so the yearly cost won’t simply be a one time fee, though Rethink plans to sell it for just $20.  Hopefully the device will see a reduction in size, and it wouldn’t hurt if GPS was added to the feature set since some owners have a tendency to lose their pets, let alone forget about them on a hot summer’s day.

Expect the Rethink Dog Collar to arrive sometime in 2013.  They say they plan to crowd fund it, so there is a good chance we’ll see it appear on Kickstarter.

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