How to Repair Mouse Button Placement

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Updated November 15, 2022

If you are new to the world of computer accessories, you may wonder how to repair mouse button placement. Even the best computer mouse in the world could develop maintenance issues involving button placement. What is the proper button placement for a mouse, how do you change button placement, and how to repair button placement problems? Keep reading to find out.


  • Mouse button placement issues are common to modern computer users and are both software and hardware-adjacent.
  • Adjust parameters like pointer speed and power button sensitivity for software issues via the settings page or dedicated mouse driver software.
  • For hardware issues, take your mouse to a local repair tech, as they can asses button problems, mouse wheel issues, power switch irregularities, and more.

What is Mouse Button Placement?

When learning how to fix a computer mouse, you run into terms like button placement. It is helpful to learn exactly what this means, especially if you are learning how to tell if your computer mouse is dying. Basically, button placement refers to where the buttons are located on the exterior of the mouse, including the left button, the right button, and the scroll wheel click button if you are learning how to fix a mouse scroll wheel.

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No matter the issue, be sure to keep your mouse clean and properly maintained to avoid future problems.

Mouse button placement also refers to how the mouse is programmed with regard to various clicks and clacks, even if you are learning the definition of a silent mouse.

How to Repair Programmable Mouse Buttons

There are many issues that can befall mouse buttons, so there is no universal fix here. However, some troubleshooting tips should help most modern mouse users having issues with button placement.

Adjust the Settings

It may not be a problem of actual button placement, but what each button is doing. You are not tied to the manufacturer’s recommended layout when it comes to computer mice. You can easily head into the system settings to adjust any parameters, including the actions of each button. This eliminates any button placement issues regarding actual location and how that integrates with the way you use the accessory. As a note, you can also make these changes via dedicated mouse settings adjustment software.

STAT: You can customize your mouse in a variety of ways in Windows. For instance, you can swap the functions of your mouse buttons, make the mouse pointer more visible, and alter the scroll speed of the mouse wheel. (source)

Download New Drivers

You could be experiencing button placement issues if your mouse driver software is extremely out of date. Fix this issue by downloading and installing new software. Driver updates are typically available via the integrated software suite that accompanied the mouse when you first made the purchase. You can also check for this software online at the manufacturer’s website.

Contact a Pro

If you are having actual mechanical issues involving your mouse buttons, contact a service repair tech to give your device a look.

Repair Button Mouse FAQs

How do you fix the left-click mouse button not working on Windows 10?

This depends on if it is a hardware issue or a software problem. Check the troubleshooting app for optical mice and mechanical mice, and take a look at the power button, the wheel button, and additional buttons.

Should you switch to a trackball?

A trackball mouse is a good option for those who tire of optical mice, though they still have a wheel button, a left mouse button, a middle mouse button, and a right mouse button. In other words, use a mouse pad to avoid some problems.

How do you reset a Logitech wireless mouse?

Resetting the factory settings is always an option here, but be sure to place a fresh battery beforehand. If the fresh battery doesn’t help, take a look at the power button or power switch.
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